Lock & Load

Game Trailer

Main Features

Gun Customization

Every player starts with the same base weapon. As you run around and explore the maps, you will find and pickup multiple weapon attachments, such as shotgun, sniper, rocket launcher and more! Certain parts will enhance certain builds. So if you want a powerful sniper, pick up a scope, long barrel, and a good stock!

Character Customization

Lock & Load features many player customization options to differentiate yourself from the enemy players, such as a wide variety of helmets to choose from, multiple armor colors, multiple armor lighting colors and multiple colors to choose from for your bullet tracers.

FFA multiplayer FPS combat!

Play up against 10 other players in intense, fast-paced Free-For-All FPS combat on two specially designed maps. Strategically hold the high ground on your enemies, destroy the terrain under their feet with a well placed grenade and finish with the most points to be victorious!

Project Overview

Lock & Load's main draw is the gun/character customization and the terrain destruction aspect of the gameplay. Inspired by the likes of Halo and Counter Strike GO, we had 10 weeks to create a fully networked, first person shooter game with an array of different play styles. It is easy to pick up, but difficult to master as each gun part affects a different stat on your gun build. It's all about experimenting and finding what works for you naturally through gameplay. Explosions from your grenades and rocket launchers will destroy terrain beneath your feet forming treacherous craters and destroying objects that can be used for cover. In this fast-paced shooter, you never want to be caught standing still!

Tech Specs