Mi Alma Restaurant

Main Features


On this page, we worked closely with Mi Alma Restaurant to go through and translate their menu from Spanish to English to reach a broader audience. This is routinely updated with new prices and food/drink items as well as specials.


On this page, our client advertises upcoming and recurring events at their venue. This is routinely updated with newly submitted events and images.


We hold a large library of professionally taken images for our client. This library is updated periodically with newly submitted images from every event our client hosts. Due to the large number of high quality images, we work to make sure this gallery loads seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

Project Overview

Mi Alma Restaurant is a Latin fusion restaurant brought to Broad Street alongside the newly renovated Bomes Theatre. Services provided at Mi Alma Restaurant include an array of Dominican/Latin cuisine, events and live concerts.

We worked closely with the staff of Mi Alma Restaurant to bring their vision to life. They had started with attempting to construct their own site using services from SquareSpace but ultimately could not achieve what they were looking for due to a lack of tools provided(?). Now without limitations, we were able to work to come up with a design to fit what they were looking for and progress from there.

From there we set up milestones to tackle each task they provided us. With each completion of a milestone, we would share our progress for them to submit any input or changes they would like to see. Once all milestones were completed and changes based off of their feedback was made, we had a completed website that Mi Alma Restaurant was proud to call theirs. But the work did not end there as we still continually update their site with new events, menu items, and gallery of professional taken pictures.

Tech Specs