Database Management

What is a database?

A database is an accessible collection of organized data stored on a computer. It is used to capture and analyze data from users or other applications. For example, it allows you to see and analyze what products your consumers are purchasing.

There are tons of functionality associated with databases, like giving the option to create a user account on your website. Anything that requires a need to collect, store, retrieve, sort, graph or manipulate data is done with the use of a database.

You do not exclusively need an application or website to find use for a database. Databases can be used to store and analyze any type of data you can think of. For example, databases can be used to keep track of payroll for your company, inventory of products, or even tracking shipments of goods.

Why do I need a database?

Many small business continue to use text files or Excel spreadsheets to store and maintain their data, which may work well for their specific needs, but there are many unique problems this can cause.

There are many reasons why a business should choose to convert to a database. A database allows you to work with a large size of data quickly and efficiently, a solution not provided by alternatives like Excel. Since we can implement validation procedures, you can guarantee the integrity and accuracy of your inputted data. Additionally, you can automatically schedule and routinely backup and make redundant copies of your data, making it easy to maintain multiple copies of your data.

Most importantly, you can keep your data secure. You can not keep your data secured with text files or spreadsheets. With databases, you can keep your data private which is a necessity when working with user information. Data is kept secure through encryption, accessibility rights, and routine audits of database activity.

Managing Your Database

We make it very easy to manage your website's database. We understand the process of learning how to use and maintain databases can be difficult, which is why we create special tools to allow you to easily manage your data. We do this with a Content Management System.

With a Content Management System, we give you the ability to easily create, read, update, and delete data from your website. This is done by implementing what is called a back-end to your website, which is a private page only accessible to you and whomever you give permission to.

Database Security

We are able to build your database from the ground up as well as maintain it and keep it secure. We take security very seriously and keep up with the best practices to keep you and your users information safe.

We keep your data secure with the following: We separate your database server from your web server while keeping permissions needed to interact with each other at the lowest necessary. Firewalls are set up to deny access to traffic from unrecognized sources as well as limiting outbound connections. We will set up an auditing process as to be aware and keep track of the actions of all database users.

We minimize the value of our database, meaning information such as credit card numbers will never be stored. Lastly, we will keep your database and stored data encrypted, meaning nobody will be able to read the data without proper authorization. Sensitive data such as user passwords would be encrypted and hashed using methods such as bcrypt and would not be readable by anybody including you or us.