Mobile Development

Why have a mobile site?

Having a website or application that works on a majority of mobile devices is a huge priority in this day and age for all businesses. Mobile traffic accounted for approximately 51% of all website traffic in 2019 with approximately 50% of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile phone. This is a huge consumer base that you could potentially be missing out on.

Mobile applications make it easier to connect with your customers and is one of the best marketing tools to develop your business. Mobile applications allow your customers to have all your businesses or product's information right at their fingertips.

Due to the accessibility from a large number of platforms, you can start reaching a much broader market and increase your engagement among customers all over the world.

How it's done

In our own released products, we have noticed swings of up to 80% of all traffic coming from consumers viewing from their mobile devices. Without a functional mobile website or application, this is a large percentage of our customers businesses that they could potentially be losing out on.

This is why we take the time to meticulously design our pages to scale, look good, and be functional on as many devices as possible in order to give you the largest reach for your business.

This is done by first detecting the users screen size and then dynamically changing the layout of the page accordingly, giving the user the most optimal display. Due to the large variety now in mobile phones, companies will overlook less common devices which can result in users not being able to receive a viewable page. We avoid this by diligently testing our pages on every resolution and changing layouts where necessary.